The Sportsmans Arms Traditional Country Pub and Restaurant Near Dartmouth, Devon

Our History

Building history and Special Notes

When Heavitree Brewery purchased the property in 1946 when land adjoining the car park was under an agreement dated 12th October 1942 with The War Department for storage space. The land was used to store two home guard ammunition shelters, which at the end or the war and their service was sold to Mr. Hatfield for £4 each. Heavitree Brewery upon purchasing The Sportsmans Arms purchased the disused ammunition shelters from Mr. Hatfield.

As noted in the Conveyance to Heavitree Brewery ‘The Sportsmans Arms’ included a petrol pump business which was situated directly in front of the pub adjoining the road. The pumps were installed at the premises some time between 1927 and 1933 and were in service until their removal in 1976.

There is a stained glassed window above the entrance to the pub spelling ‘The Sportman’s Arms’ it is not known if the spelling is incorrect or that the spelling is to coincide with what regulars used to call the pub ‘ The Sport Man’.

A fire occurred Circa January 1951 causing £32,10,0 which was recovered in full from The County Fire Office Limited.

The name ‘The Sportsman’s Arms’ can be traced back in the deeds as far as 1880 and the premises is recorded as a public house as far back as 1849.